Level 1 Diagnostic

We will start by verifying your concern. Then we will perform a complete vehicle inspection in order to determine if the problem is being caused by something obvious. We will perform a fault survey of the complete vehicle to determine any and all issues that the vehicle may be having or have in the near future. We will then check manufacturer Service Information Bulletins in order to determine if this problem can be corrected by a software update to your vehicle or this may be a common issue that the manufacturer has seen. If need be, we will activate components via the factory BMW or Audi diagnostic tool and/or check fuses to determine issues. At this time, we will have a good understanding of what the issue is and or know how to remedy it. If we can determine the issue at this time, we will provide you with the estimate of everything needed in order to repair your vehicle. If your vehicle is experiencing a more complex issue then we will have to move further into diagnostics and that is what we consider a Level 2 Diagnostic.

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Level 2 Diagnostic

This diagnostic level will include everything in level 1 but will require additional time due to the complexity of the issue and or there may be more than one issue. The additional time may be spent on such things like looking up wiring diagrams, performing additional testing in order to eliminate suspect issues, contacting technical support, performing a repair so we can eliminate one of the multiple issues, disassembling the vehicle for further investigation, hooking up an oscilloscope to monitor module signals, and performing extended test drives. If additional time is required due to an extremely complex issue then from here, we move to a Level 3 Diagnostic.

Level 3 Diagnostic

We rarely see a Level 3 diagnostic but it does happen several times a year. This occurrence is often seen when the vehicle is brought to us from another repair facility that could not figure the problem out. At this point we know we have an extremely odd or rare problem that has proven to be extremely difficult to locate. This level of diagnostic is usually found when the vehicle has already had lots of parts replaced, severe water intrusion, severe rodent damage, the problem is extremely hard to duplicate, will require lots of parts replacement, will require lots of wiring diagram time, will require lots of oscilloscope time, and may even need more than one technician working on it at a time.

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