Choosing the right parts for your BMW

BMW and MINI are renowned for their performance, handling, and safety innovations. They earned this reputation through engineering and meticulous attention to details in manufacturing.

So, what are “will-fit” parts?

A will-fit part is any part made by anyone other than the original component manufacturer. Pretty simple. Other names for this same category of parts is “equivalent”, “cross-referenced”, “same as”, or “clone part.” You get the concept. For the sake of keeping it simple, we’ll refer to all of them as “will-fit.”

So what’s the problem then if the will-fit parts actually fit on the vehicle; especially if they are cheaper?

The answer is that you get what you pay for. BMW manufactures vehicles to very stringent standards of precision and performance. The ultimate driving machine didn’t get it’s reputation from using parts supplied by the lowest bidder. So will-fit parts may fit on your vehicle just fine but can hurt the performance of your car, will not last as long as the originals did, and can even be dangerous.

OEM parts.

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, or OEM for short, are parts manufactured specifically for BMW by another company. These parts are or were used in the original production of the vehicle. They meet BMWs standards for form, fit, materials, performance, reliability and safety. These parts and components are warranty valid.

OE parts.

OE parts or “original equipment” parts come directly through BMW, they are packaged with the BMW label, and can be found at authorized BMW dealerships. And that’s enough said.

The moral of the story is to avoid will-fit parts.

The only way to insure that you are receiving OEM or OE parts is either by going to the dealership (which can be a bit spendy) or going to an independent shop that specializes in BMWs.

Broad Strokes Associates uses only OEM and OE parts and have years of experience working with BMWs. Check out the (Customer Photo Gallery) to see some of the beautiful cars that their customers have trusted them with. Or if you have a question you can contact them at here for a free consultation through email or over the phone.

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