Carbon Cleaning

Due to fuel economy restrictions in this country almost every engine today has a fuel system called direct injection. What this means is that the fuel injectors are mounted into the cylinder head and the injector nozzle is directly in the combustion chamber of your engine. Now what this really means to you is that when your engine is running the combustion gasses are constantly creating carbon and there is no more fuel running through your intake manifold keeping the intake valves clean. Motors with direct injection can develop carbon build up on the back of the intake valves and essential choke the engine. This will decrease horsepower and fuel economy and we have even seen it create misfires and engine damage. Don’t worry we have the special tools to remove the carbon and keep it away.

The two most common methods of carbon removal are walnut blasting and chemical induction cleaning.

Carbon Cleaning Before | Broad Stroke

Walnut Blasting

If the carbon build up is excessive enough the only way to properly remove it is through a process called walnut blasting. Walnut blasting is a lot like sand blasting but with a much less harsh media, ground walnut shells. The walnuts run zero chance of damaging the engine since any shell remnant left behind could be burnt up by the combustion of the engine. The unfortunate side of this process is that the intake manifold will have to be removed in order to perform the cleaning. This is why we recommend performing the chemical induction service as a preventative maintenance.

Carbon Cleaning | Broad Stroke

Chemical Induction Cleaning

If the carbon is not excessive, we can use our chemical induction machine that induces 3 specially designed chemicals into the intake manifold while the engine is running. This process will clean out the carbon, burn it up, and send it out the exhaust. We recommend performing this service as a preventative maintenance as it is more cost effective than the walnut blasting, but if the carbon build up is too heavy then walnut blasting will be the only way to remove it.

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