The drivability of your European vehicle is most likely what attracted you to purchasing it in the first place. As a vehicle ages the suspension components start to wear out and everything including the body can start to shift. All of this will cause the vehicle to work itself out of proper alignment. Not to mention this can also prematurely wear out tires and no one enjoys buying tires. To ensure proper handling and tire longevity you should have and alignment service performed every 2 years.

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Toe: Toe is the angle on the tires as looking straight down on them from and aerial view. Just like if you were looking down at your own feet. If you were to point your toes together this is called toe in and if you point your toes apart that is called toe out. The toe angle is the angle that can wear out your tires the fastest.

Toe | Alignment

Camber: Camber is the vertical tilt in or out of the wheel while look at the tires from the front or rear of the car. The camber angle measurement is negative if the top of the wheel is pointed to the middle of the car. Camber is positive if the top of the wheel is pointed away from the center of the car.

Camber | Alignment

Caster: Caster is the angle of the strut in vehicle. Leaning the strut back causes more high-speed stability but harder to steer. Leaning the strut forward make the car very easy to steer but unstable and high speed (like a shopping cart).

Caster | Alignment

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